Saturday September 20, 2014

Welcome coffee

Selected oral presentations (9 x 10 mn)

  • Characterization of T cell infiltrates in Brain Metastases of Solid tumors, A. Berghoff - AUT
  • Molecular characterization of brain metastases: genes mediating breast cancer Brain Metastases, H. Wikman - DE
  • Investigation of the molecular underpinnings of altered blood-brain barrier permeability in Brain Metastasis models, B. Gril - USA
  • Molecular and cellular mechanisms of Metastatic cancer cell extravasation across the blood brain barrier, R. Lyck - CH
  • The microRNA miR-141 is a key regulator of Brain Metastasis from breast cancer, B. Debeb - USA
  • GRP94 and FN14 expression in breast cancer provide new prognostic and therapeutic opportunities of Brain Metastasis, A. Sierra - SP
  • Prognostic Factors that Predict Durable Response and Survival with Salvage Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases, C. Chung - CAN
  • Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Molecular Alterations Impact on Brain Metastases Response to Gamma Knife Radiosurgery: Identification of Potential Radiosensitive Tumor Phenotypes - Ph. Métellus - FR
  • 3D-Radiation Therapy Boost Improves Outcome of Whole Brain Radiation Therapy Treated RPA II Patients with One or Two Brain Metastases, D. Antoni - FR
  • Detection o Circulating Tumor Cells in Glioblastoma Patients, M. Westphal - DE
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Moderators : M. Ahluwalia, - USA | M. Westphal - DE |

Biobanking and biomarkers screening

  • 10.00 - Biobanking of breast cancer: ultimately leading to prevention of brain metastases, A. Hoeben, NL
  • 10.30 - Coffee break and visit of the exhibition
  • 11.00 - Biobank network organisation: best practices, benefits and pitfalls, J-H. di Donato, FR
  • 11.30 - Public-private relationships in biobanking: bottlenecks and roadblocks and potential tools for improvement, P. Hofman, FR
  • 12.00 - What makes a Biobank Network work? Results of a recent survey, R. Hewitt, UK
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Moderators : Ch. Chabannon - FR | R. Hewitt, - UK |