Manuel Valiente

Madrid, Spain

Dr. Valiente has described critical mediators of brain metastasis specifically required for the initial steps during colonization. His background in neurobiology allowed him to develop new approaches on brain metastasis experimental models. His most significant contribution includes the discovery of the molecular basis for the high inefficiency of brain metastasis and the identification of a cell adhesion molecule critical for vascular co-option. More recently he has participated in a proof-of-concept validating experimental therapies against brain specific survival mechanisms of metastasis now in clinical trials. Dr. Valiente is the Head of the Brain Metastasis Group (CNIO, Madrid) where he leads a team of scientists whose goal is to discover critical aspects of brain metastasis biology in order to develop new therapeutic opportunities. His laboratory is validating novel brain metastasis mediators, characterizing the microenvironment associated with brain metastasis, improving experimental models to incorporate therapies and exploring novel methods to target established brain metastasis. Central to all these aims is the brain environment, which is considered by Dr. Valiente and his group as a critical component to understand the biology of this progression of cancer.