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Selected oral presentations

Chairs: Frédéric Dhermain (FR) & Agnès Tallet (FR)

08.30 Preclinical antitumor activity of a new HER2 inhibitor on HER2-positive breast cancer and brain metastasis, Camille Faure (FR)
08.40 Identifying molecular drivers and developing in vitro and in vivo models in breast cancer leptomeningeal metastasis (BCLM), Amanda Fitzpatrick (UK)
08.50 Transcellular disruption of human blood-brain barrier endothelium by a subset of melanoma cells that remain in suspension, Akshata Anchan (NZ)
09.00 Patient-derived organoids and xenografts from resected brain metastases as a platform to optimize personalized drug treatment selection
           for brain metastases,
Sofia Merajver (USA)
09.10 Characterization of genomic alterations of brain metastases in advanced nonsmall cell lung cancer: retrospective cohort, Maxime Souquet-Bressand (FR) Télécharger le PDF
09.20 Venous thromboembolic events in patients with brain metastases: the PICOS score, Emilie Fabian Wolpert (CH) Télécharger le PDF
09.30 Leucencephalopathy after prophylactic whole brain irradiation with or without hippocampal sparing: a long-term MRI analysis, Michael Mayinger (CH) Télécharger le PDF
09.40 Subtype switching in breast cancer brain metastases: a multicenter analysis, Alexander Hulsbergen (NL) Télécharger le PDF
09.50 Radiation-induced brain edema alone and in combination with T-DM1 in Her2+ brain metastases, Maria Contreras-Zarate (NZ)
10.00 Whole brain radiotherapy (WBRT) as a palliative treatment for multiple brain metastases in Metastatic Melanoma, Siobhan Morrison (UK) Télécharger le PDF

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Highlights 2018-2019

Chairs: Andreas Von Deimling (DE) & Martin J. Van den Bent (NL)

10.30 Liquid biopsy,
Danijela Koppers-Lalic (NL)
10.50 Methylation based diagnosis of tumors in the brain, Andreas Von Deimling (DE)
11.10 Molecular imaging, Norbert Galldiks (DE) Télécharger le PDF
11.30 Neurosurgery, Philippe Métellus (FR) Télécharger le PDF
11.50 What’s hot in melanoma CNS metastasis? Dieta Brandsma (NL) Télécharger le PDF
12.10 What’s hot in breast cancer CNS metastasis? Emilie Le Rhun (FR) Télécharger le PDF
12.30 What’s hot in lung cancer CNS metastasis? Matthias Guckenberger (CH) Télécharger le PDF

12:45 - Awards Best communication and poster