Jeffrey Scott Wefel

Jeffrey Scott Wefel

Houston, USA

Dr. Wefel is a tenured Associate Professor and Chief of the Section of Neuropsychology in the Department of Neuro-Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas. He holds an adjunct appointment in the Department of Psychology at the University of Houston. He obtained his PhD in Clinical Psychology (Neuropsychology) from the University of Houston in 2002. He completed a 2 year fellowship in the Department of Neuro-Oncology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and subsequently was appointed to the faculty.

Dr. Wefel’s research activities seek to characterize the prevalence, pattern, course, risks, and biologic and neural substrates for the development of cognitive dysfunction associated with cancer and cancer therapies. Ultimately, this will lead to identification and testing of interventions to prevent and/or minimize cognitive dysfunction. He is the cognitive study chair on numerous cooperative group, industry sponsored and investigator initiated trials involving patients with central nervous system and non-CNS cancer, many of which integrate cognitive and neuroimaging outcomes as well as exploration of genetic moderators of cognitive and brain outcomes.

Dr. Wefel is on the Board of Directors of the Society for Neuro-Oncology, a Founder of the International Cognition and Cancer Task Force, Member of the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) Medical Advisory Board, Steering Committee Member of the NBTS Jumpstarting Brain Tumor Drug Development Coalition and FDA Clinical Trials Clinical Outcome Assessment Endpoints workshop, and an Executive Committee Member of the Brain Tumor Center at MD Anderson. He has been appointed as Executive Editor of the journal Neuro-Oncology Practice.