Guillaume Vogin

Guillaume Vogin

Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, France
Guillaume Vogin, MD, PhD is associate professor at Lorraine University, board certified in radiation oncology at Lorraine Comprehensive Cancer Center. He has specialized in particle radiotherapy, sarcoma, pediatrics and CNS malignancies.
He develops a consulting expertise for the patients who underwent unusual radiation toxicity or are suspect of over individual radiosensitivity (IRS).
He recently implanted a regional multidisciplinary board dedicated to this issue. In Sept 2015, he joined the UMR 7365 CNRS-UL, IMoPA (team 1 - performing high quality cutting edge basic research in RNA biology) in order to decipher the production and splicing of RNA – either coding or noncoding – induced by radiation. His research axis was considered a priority by the external Scientific Comitte of his home institution.

GV obtained his master degree at Harvard Medical School/Brigham & Women’s Hospital and his PhD at the Cancer Research Centre of Lyon (UMR Inserm 1052 CNRS 5286 CLB) under the supervision of Nicolas Foray, PhD. Collectivelly, he demonstrated that the velocity and efficiency of pATM nucleoshuttling were correlated with the severity of radiation toxicity. Collaborating with NEOLYS, he participates to the developpment of a predictive assay of IRS.
In parallel he set up a transfer of technology in Nancy as well as the first specific multicenter prospective trial in pediatrics.
GV is actually implementing 10 regional and national projects in the topic of diagnostic biomarkers of IRS and radiomics applied to radiation toxicity.  

As a teacher, GV is leading a European program developping  innovative multi professional educational initiatives applied to radiation oncology to serve quality of care in the Greater Region and prevent radiation toxicity and accidents.

GV is the author of 35 original peer-reviewed papers and 4 book chapters and monographs.
GV is the recipient of several French and European awards (Fondation des Treilles, Société Française de Pédiatrie, Renaissance Française, Lucien Mallet Medal, Fondation Nuovo-Soldati).
He is member of the French Society of Radiation Oncology, the French Society of Pediatric Oncology, the International Society of French-speaking Radiobiologists, the European Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology and the International Aerospace Medical Association. In 2018, Dr Vogin was elected “Young Neuro-Oncologists” of the EORTC Brain Tumor Group.