Friday, September 21st

09.00 New challenges in precision genomics
Chairs: Dieta Brandsma (The Netherlands) & Elizabeth Rushing (Switzerland)
09.00 Breast cancer Brain Metastases: translational implications from preclinical models, Brunilde Gril (USA) Download
09.30 Hormonal regulation of the brain niche promotes Brain Metastases in triple-negative breast cancer:
opportunities for prevention and treatment of Brain Metastases in young women, Diana Cittelly (USA) Download

10.00 Liquid biopsies: what clinical relevance and which on-chip technologies?
Chairs: Manmeet Ahluwalia (USA) & Manfred Westphal (Germany)
10.00 Cerebrospinal fluid cell-free DNA in patients with Brain Metastases, Adrienne Boire (USA) Download
10.20 Circulating tumor cells in Brain Metastatic patients, Jean-Yves Pierga (France) Download
10.40 Clinical relevance in liquid biopsies, Anna Sophie Berghoff (Austria) Download

11.20 Combined treatments for CNS Metastases
Chairs: Philippe Métellus (France) & Patrick Wen (USA)
11.20 Augmentation of surgery for Brain Metastases: safety and local control, Manfred Westphal (Germany) Download
11.40 Is there a role for PET imaging in CNS Metastases? Norbert Galldiks (Germany) Download
12.00 Response assessment in CNS Metastases: new challenges in the era of combination, Frédéric Dhermain (France) Download

12.20 Keynote lecture
Chair: Michael Weller (Switzerland)

12.20 Brain Mets in 2018: any closer to the end of a long and winding road?
Martin J. Van den Bent (The Netherlands) Download

14.00 Controversial treatments
Chairs: Frédéric Dhermain (France) & Colin Watts (United Kingdom)

14.00 Surgery for recurrent Brain Metastases, Philippe Métellus (France) Download
14.20 Patient selection and timing for SRS, Manmeet Ahluwalia (USA)
14.40 Intrathecal chemotherapy for patients with leptomeningeal metastases from solid tumors? Michael Weller (Switzerland) Download

15.00 Interactive case reports
Chairs: Philippe Métellus (France) & Michael Weller (Switzerland)

15.00 Case 1 – Interactive case reports on immunotherapy for Brain Metastases, Tobias Weiss (Switzerland) Download
15.15 Case 2 – Pitfalls in the imaging of CNS Metastases: how to identify and to avoid them?
Pierre Aguettaz (France) Download
15.30 Case 3 – Patient with complicated outcome after SBRT for a solitary Brain metastases:
discussion of the radiomics approach in the differential diagnosis setting and opportunity of bevacizumab, Guillaume Vogin (France) Download

16.15 Keynote lecture
Chair: Philippe Métellus (France)
16.15 Targeted therapies and immunotherapies in Brain Metastases, Patrick Wen (USA) Download
17.00 Activities of EORTC BTG CNS Metastases Committee, Emilie Le Rhun (France) Download


Saturday, September 22st

08.30 Selected oral presentations
Chairs: Frédéric Dhermain (France) & Agnès Tallet (France)
08.30 Quantitative perfusion measurements in rat Brain Metastases using arterial spin labelling MRI, Manon Simard (United Kingdom) Download
08.40 Identification of metastases-initiating cells in breast cancer Brain Metastases, Cristina Richichi (Italy)
08.50 Deciphering the specifically enriched signature associated with breast cancer Brain Metastases, Rita Carvalho (Portugal) Download
09.00 Tissue factor signaling enhances malignancy and radiation resistance in Brain Metastases from lung carcinoma, Dusten Unruh (USA) Download
09.10 The brain of a younger host is more permissive for breast cancer Brain Metastases, Alex Wu (USA) Download
09.20 Immune checkpoint blockade in melanoma Brain Metastases, Mihaela Lorger (United Kingdom)
09.30 Activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule (ALCAM) as a potential MRI biomarker for detection of Brain Micrometastases, Niloufar Zarghami (United Kingdom) Download
09.40 Towards a TNFR1-selective permeabilisation of the BBB, Christina Simoglou Karali (United Kingdom)
09.50 EGFR-TKI resistance in EGFR mutant non-small cell lung cancer patients with Brain Metastases, Alice Mogenet (France) Download
10.00 Risk factors for the development of brain tumor related epilepsy in patients with Brain Metastases, Fabian Wolpert (Switzerland) Download

10.30 Highlights 2017-2018
Chairs: Philippe Métellus (France) & Martin J. Van den Bent (The Netherlands)
10.30 Basic research, Joane Seoane (Spain) Download
10.50 Brain Metastases: an integrative approach to precision pathology, Elizabeth Rushing (Switzerland)
11.10 Imaging, Julia Furtner (Austria) Download
11.30 What’s hot in melanoma CNS Metastases? Giuseppe Minniti (Italy) Download
11.50 What’s hot in breast cancer CNS Metastases? Dieta Brandsma (The Netherlands) Download
12.10 What’s hot in lung cancer CNS Metastases? Emilie Le Rhun (France)